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Telethon Foundation

TelethonTelethon Italy is one of the major charity in Italy. Its mission is to advance biomedical research towards the diagnosis, cure and prevention of muscular dystrophies and other human genetic diseases.

Telethon was founded in 1990 by a patients’ association, the Italian Union for Muscular Dystrophy (UILDM).
Telethon Italy has invested over 350 million Euros in research and funded 2,400 research projects that have generated more than 9,000 papers published on international scientific journals and allowed the development of 26 different therapeutic strategies currently under development.


Associazione Veneta per la Lotta

alla Talassemia

Associazione Veneta per la Lotta alla Talassemia (A.V.L.T.) is an ONLUS (non profit-making organization of social value) in accordance with comma 8 of article 10 of Government Decree no. 460 dated 4th December 1997.

The Association is involved in:

  • taking care of thalassaemics in health service structures
  • providing families with information about the disease and the treatments, by means of meetings and personal appointments with specialists
  • participating in meetings with various institutions and associations in order to spread awareness of the disease and how to prevent it.


Fondazione Umberto Di Mario

Fondazione Di Mario logoFondazione Umberto Di Mario has been constituted in 2000 on initiative of a group of exponents of the Italian scientific world, joined from the common scope to actively promote the Research, the Study and the Formation in biomedical field.
In the choice of its name and in the carrying out of its activities, the foundation is inspired by the example and testimony of one of its founders, Prof. Umberto Di Mario, an illustrious physician and Professor of Endocrinology at La Sapienza University in Rome as well as the Chairman of the Società Italiana di Diabetologia (Italian Society of Diabetology).


ThalLab - University of Ferrara

ThalLab - logo The Laboratory for the development of genetic and pharmacogenomic therapy of thalassemia, ThalLab, has been activated following an Agreement of collaboration between the Center of Biotechnology of University of Ferrara (CBF) and the Associazione Veneta per la Lotta alla Talassemia (A.V.L.T.) of Rovigo. University of Ferrara - logoThe laboratory is directed by a Scientific Responsible, with the advice of a Directive Council, currently constituted by the same responsible, the investigators involved in the research and the representatives of A.V.L.T.